Below is a table that shows the day, time, native language (no translations provided), topic and if there is an alcathon chair. If there is not a chair – you can show up and chair! A continuación se muestra una tabla que muestra el día, la hora, el idioma nativo (no se proporcionan traducciones), el tema y si hay una silla Alcathon. Si no hay una silla, puedes hacerlo!

3/110pmEnglishGroup and world wide community(open)
3/111pmSpanishGroup and world wide communityDiana V.
3/21amEnglish or SpanishPick a topic(open)
3/22amEnglish or SpanishPick a topic(open)
3/23amEnglish or SpanishPick a topic(open)
3/24amEnglish or SpanishPick a topic(open)
3/25amEnglishBig book page 29(open)
3/26amSpanishBig book page 29(open)
3/27amEnglishBig book page 30Quentin
3/28amSpanishBig book page 30(open)
3/29amEnglishAs Bill Sees It page 125(open)
3/210amSpanishAs Bill Sees It page 125Paco
3/211amEnglishHow More than 100 Have Recovered From Alcoholism (open)
3/212pmSpanishHow More than 100 Have Recovered From Alcoholism Lalo
3/25pmEnglishThe 9th Step Promises – Big Book pages 83 & 84 (open)
3/210pmSpanishAs Bill Sees It page 278Bigar
3/211pmEnglishAs Bill Sees It page 278(open)
3/31amEnglish or SpanishPick a topic(open)
3/32amEnglish or SpanishPick a topic(open)
3/33amEnglish or SpanishPick a topic(open)
3/34amEnglish or SpanishPick a topic(open)
3/35amSpanishTwenty-Four Hours A Day – January 6(open)
3/36amEnglishTwenty-Four Hours A Day – January 6(open)
3/37amSpanishBig book page 17(open)
3/38amEnglishBig book page 17(open)