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The Alcathon Committee presents non-stop open meetings during the entire Conference (except during the featured speakers), utilizing the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, as the primary source of topics. All are welcome to attend!

If there is no leader listed for a time or lead topic, feel free to sign up. Scroll down below the schedule and submit our email form if you would like to volunteer. Tell us which meeting you’d like to lead and provide us with your name, hometown. and contact information.

Only your first name and last initial will appear here and on the topic boards that will be placed outside the Alcathon rooms.  We only need your contact information so our committee can confirm your time and topic with you.

If you have a topic for an open discussion meeting that is not listed, please let us know the topic in the message area of the form below.

Responsibilities of an Alcathon Meeting Leader:

  • Provide for a back up chair
  • Arrive at the designated time
  • Open the meeting by introducing yourself, including sobriety date and home group
  • Read the supplied topic material and share your thoughts on the subject
  • Open the floor for general discussion
  • End sharing at fifteen minutes to the hour
  • Thank everyone for attending and sharing

Tentative Alcathon Schedule


Time Topic Meeting Leader Area/State
3:00 pm people who normally would not mix.. pg17
4:00 pm A common solution..pg17
5:00 pm A real answer…pg18
6:00 pm Closed for speakers
10:00 pm A useful program…pg19
11:00 pm We have recovered…pg20


Time Topic Meeting Leader Area/State
12:00 am Open discussion
1:00 am Open discussion
2:00 am Open discussion
3:00 am Open discussion
4:00 am Open discussion
5:00 am Open discussion
6:00 am There is a solution..pg25
7:00 am A design for living…pg28
8:00 am The “delusion”…pg30
9:00 am He failed to enlarge…pg35  Bob L.  AREA 20/DISTRICT 23
10:00 am The jay walker…pg37
11:00 am This simple cornerstone…pg47 Susan K.  AREA 20/DISTRICT 40
Noon Fooling ourselves…pg55
1:00 pm The great fact…pg25  JOE L.  AREA 20/ DISTRICT 11
2:00 pm Discharging my “rights”…pg420
3:00 pm Sanity will have returned…pg84  JOE L.  AREA 20/ DISTRICT 11
4:00 pm Many helpful books…pg87
5:00 pm We pause…pg87
7 – 9 pm Closed for Banquet
10:00 pm Now About sex…pg68
11:00 pm We reject fantasizing…pg560


Time Topic Meeting Leader Area/State
12:00 am Open discussion
1:00 am Open discussion
2:00 am Open discussion
3:00 am Open discussion
4:00 am Open discussion
5:00 am Open discussion
6:00 am Upon awakening…pg86
7:00 am The joy of living…pg 106 of 12×12
8:00 am Happily and usefully whole…pg 15 12X12

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Please complete the form below and hit SUBMIT to volunteer as an Alcathon Meeting leader.

A member of our committee will contact you when we receive your form. Thank you in advance for your service.